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XOplazm will no longer be on NG.

2010-04-30 18:43:52 by XOplazm

ALL my stuff will still b up, but I will no longer be on newgrounds. at least not with an account.

My flash got blammed

2010-01-18 09:47:55 by XOplazm

oh well, I kinda figured that.
I didn't really put much effort into the animation.

I should probably get better at Flash or just stick 2 making songz.


2010-01-03 13:44:18 by XOplazm

recently, some of my songs have been getting voted "0.00/5.00". I just don't really see what's wrong about them. Whoever keeps voting the lowest score on my songs, I'd like to know who you are. Write a review and tell me what's wrong with them. I'll do whatever I can to change them. If you're just voting low for no reason whatsoever, I'd like you to please leave me alone. Thank you.

new year?

2010-01-01 18:45:58 by XOplazm

It's 2010; it doesn't feel like it,though.